Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Never-Ending Ankle Saga

Six months. SIX MONTHS. Half a year of ankle pain of varying degrees (that still hasn't gone away). To say that I'm frustrated would be an enormous understatement.

To make it even more annoying, I've been dealing with this issue off and on for nearly two years. I've seen two different podiatrists and now two different PTs.

These past six months, I have not been able to dance fully. My relevé is restricted (and therefore so is turning), and I am not supposed to jump (except rarely to demonstrate for students). I have basically (I feel) been half dancing for half a year.

I keep diligently doing my PT exercises every morning, am currently going through two PT sessions a week involving the Graston technique (ow), and yet the ankle is still being a jerk.

My at-home PT assistant is especially helpful.
Current PT says that I have a lot of scar tissue (past sprains, wear and tear over the years) that is both restricting my ankle mobility and causing an impingement, so we're trying to break up the scar tissue and get my mobility back (hence the Graston technique).

It's only been a little over 2 weeks (we've had 4 sessions), and I think I'm just getting impatient, but I want to feel like its actually working. Some mornings when I start my PT, the ankle feels fine; other mornings its grumpy. I can't seem to figure out WHY. I wondered if foam rolling was actually irritating it instead of helping, and stopped that for a week, but it seemed to make it worse--last week was especially terrible.

I just want to dance properly again :(

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