Thursday, February 11, 2016

Thanks, Universe

It's funny how often I get frustrated with something, come and complain/vent about it on this blog (which is its own sort of therapy), and then a day or two later the universe is like, "Girl, chill. Have some encouragement."

We shared class with the kiddos again the other day, and when we do center together we split into groups of "kids" and "adults." The teacher gives each group a different combo, they perform it, and then we switch places. We had switched so that it was the adults turn, and the teacher said to the little ones, "When you're waiting your turn, watch Miss Glorie [me]. Watch her upper body--she moves exactly the way a classical dancer is supposed to move. I never have to correct her."

I was humbled, and flabbergasted, and thanked her profusely for such a compliment. She danced with BOLSHOI, you guys. Handpicked from when she was young. I don't think I could receive a higher compliment, really. (I still like corrections, but hey, I'll take compliments too!)

She still wants me to do the Russian variation, which I was not super thrilled about (seemed to be a bit boring), but its growing on me. She picked this version (danced by Ulyana Lopatkina), and though the beginning is slow, it picks up near the end. It's a much different "character" than I typically like to dance (I like to be sassy), so I think that was part of my problem. It's a bit more regal, with a dash of zest at the end. Now, if only I can get back onto pointe....

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