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Final Challenge Update

Slightly delayed due to my being out of town! Apologies.

I finished all three of my 30 day challenges, and only missed one day the entire month (my shoulder was bothering me and I didn't want to push it), which I'm pretty proud of.  Things I realized:
Planks are still evil. The longest I was able to hold one was 1:20. Ugh.Lunges are evil but also kind of awesome? I hurt for a couple of days but in that weird good-hurt kind of way? (I may be slightly insane)I can't seem to do back flies without making my shoulder grumpy, so I stopped doing them and just did the others instead.My butt seems perkier (?) but everything else looks the same. All in all, I want to continue doing strength work (both arms and legs), but maybe as more of a circuit type deal, which I'll try to do every other day (as I keep seeing recommended). We'll see how THAT goes. I think blogging about these challenges was good motivation because I felt accountable SOMEWHERE. I'll try to keep at it!��…