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Final Challenge Update

Slightly delayed due to my being out of town! Apologies.

I finished all three of my 30 day challenges, and only missed one day the entire month (my shoulder was bothering me and I didn't want to push it), which I'm pretty proud of.  Things I realized:
  • Planks are still evil. The longest I was able to hold one was 1:20. Ugh.
  • Lunges are evil but also kind of awesome? I hurt for a couple of days but in that weird good-hurt kind of way? (I may be slightly insane)
  • I can't seem to do back flies without making my shoulder grumpy, so I stopped doing them and just did the others instead.
  • My butt seems perkier (?) but everything else looks the same.
All in all, I want to continue doing strength work (both arms and legs), but maybe as more of a circuit type deal, which I'll try to do every other day (as I keep seeing recommended). We'll see how THAT goes. I think blogging about these challenges was good motivation because I felt accountable SOMEWHERE. I'll try to keep at it!            


  1. I was just wandering how your challenges were going. Good for you on deciding to keep them up.

    My evil planks are doing fine. I'm at 3,5 minutes now. The transition from 2 to 2,5 was really a bitch, but I made it with few extra days and an extra rest day. It is been going so well after that that I'm actually sure I'm doing something wrong. But progress is still progress, right? ;D

    1. OH WOW. YOU GO GIRL. I don't know why I can't break past the 1:20 mark--sometimes I think its actually boredom (I have to hum songs to myself while I'm up there, or recite Shakespeare HAHA). Ah well, I'll keep working at it.

      If you get to 4 minutes we should have some kind of blog celebration! :D

  2. Well don't break out the confetti just yet. I did get to the 4min level few days ago (after adding few restdays and and extra 3,5min day too), mut since then I done zero seconds of planks. So it's kind of win, but at the same time a miss too. Should kind of keep it up too, U know, to make it somewhat useful. But now I know I can do it, so... Should just get a grip and pick few evenigs per week and stick with it.

    But it is boring. Big time. After a minute, there's just too much time to think, and then there's to much time to tell yourself that you can't do it. Some kind of background distraction is usefull, lika a song that you really hate. Keeps you motivated through being pissed off xD Tv commercials work too, for me... :D

    1. That's a good idea! I wish I could zone out and just go for it, but yes, I definitely start thinking too much, haha!


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