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Wait, what?

As previously reported, I am a right/clockwise turner, so you can imagine my surprise the other day in pointe class when I managed a lovely pirouette to the left, but barely turned at all to the right.

I don't...what? I don't even know.

My problem on the right is that I just don't seem to GO anywhere--it's like I lose all my momentum. I suspect that I'm springing up onto pointe too much on the right side, but I'll have to ask my teacher about it. SO WEIRD.

In which I am ridiculous and jealous of nothing important

Sometimes I get frustrated with myself, and generally its because I'm doing that horrible thing I think a lot of dancers do, where I compare myself to others and always come up short. I think many of us are perfectionists, and so we get ourselves into trouble when this kind of thought process starts (me especially, as I have a history of low self esteem and eating problems, boo).

(Under a break because this is LONG.)