Thursday, November 12, 2015

Woe is Me (etc.)

I mentioned in my last post that my ankle has been bothering me again, and this time the pain was not content to disappear after some minor rest. I've been seeing a PT and a second podiatrist and apparently I have both sinus tarsi syndrome AND peroneal tendonitis, likely due to a large number of factors.

While frustrating, it's fascinating to me how connected everything in the body can be--for instance, at my last appointment the PT mentioned how my hips are slightly out of alignment, which may be causing my hamstring to be tight, which in turn is limiting the movement of the fibula, which may be contributing to the peroneal problems. OY VEY.

I have yet to determine the starting point of all this chaos, though sometimes I wonder if it stems from my injury/surgery on my left knee several years ago (causing over compensation on my right side). The doc and PT think its very possible.

I'm doing a limited amount of dancing (I took a 3 week break awhile back to no avail)--I can't do big jumps and am still limiting my releve. We have a show coming up in December, and the doc thinks we'll be able to get me through it, but if I still have irritation/pain afterwards I may be put into a boot for several weeks!

It's also making me wonder if I'll ever do pointe again. Not being able to is slightly depressing, despite all my pointe shoe woes.

Oh pointe, I actually miss you!
I found out that, were I not injured, I would have had the lead dancing role in our show, so that was a big bummer. On the other hand, I'm still able to dance in the show, so I'm counting my blessings!

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