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What's in Your Bag?

I was cleaning out my dance bag the other day, and started thinking about how personal a dance bag can be. Some people have small tote bags and only carry the necessities (e.g. tights, leotard, shoes), while others (like me) pack every possible thing they could ever need.

In my defense, the dance studio I attend has an actual "dance bag requirements" list for the advanced students, which does actually include me (unlike the dress code). Subsequently, I have a giant dance bag filled with a ton of stuff:

The whole shebang.

Right. My bag is a giant, black Capezio duffle-style dance bag (top center). I bought it back when I was 16 or 17 from my then-local dance store, and it is still in amazing shape.

I've numbered each category/bag compartment with numbers for description ease. Starting at the top left and working clockwise:

 1--Small side pocket
This is my "hair stuff" pocket. It contains a small makeup bag filled with elastic bands, hairnets, a bun donut, bobby pins, and barrettes. I also have a giant container of extra bobby pins in there just in case (never too many bobby pins!). This pocket also holds a hairbrush, a comb, hair gel, and a small spray bottle for water (to help smooth down hair for buns). A lot of the later part of this pocket is really more for performances, but I'm too lazy to empty it out and would rather keep everything together.

2--Small side pocket
This is the "pointe supplies" pocket, though there's some other random stuff in there as well. I keep my moleskin, corn cushions (for my bruised toenails), spacers, extra tape, and a small nail clipper in this pocket. I also have clear nail polish for tight runs, and safety pins, but I'll probably end up throwing those in my sewing kit instead. At some point. Maybe.

3--Large compartment, inner zip pocket
I keep medicinal things in the large zipper pocket within the main part of the bag. It holds fun things like feminine products (flowery pouch), a bag of medicines (e.g. Aleve, Imodium), and a small first aid kit because you can never have too many band-aids. I also keep snacks in here.

4--Large compartment, random stuff
I keep a ton of random stuff in the main compartment: I have legwarmers, a spare ankle wrap, a lacrosse ball and a tennis ball for massage, a small towel, my sewing kit (silver pouch), a small notebook and pen to keep track of corrections/combinations, spray deodorant for my feet (to keep them dry), and a bag with deodorant and baby powder. I also keep a plastic pencil bin full of more first aid type things--every possible band-aid you can imagine (large, small, for blisters, etc.), plus stuff like hand sanitizer and q-tips.

5--Large compartment, clothes
Also the main compartment, extra clothes! I usually have a spare pair of tights (black capris in this case), an extra sports bra, my skirts, and currently a light sweater since its cold.

I also carry a water bottle, but usually not IN my bag, because I have a fear of them leaking over everything.

Whew!  You may have noticed that my shoes are NO WHERE IN SIGHT. I keep them separate because I have stinky feet and don't like all my clothes smelling like shoes. I keep my pointe shoes (and padding/tape I use most often) in a purple mesh bag, and all my other shoes (ballet flats, character, jazz, tap) in a white mesh bag. I feel like the mesh bags help things air out, too. If this seems like a lot to carry, it is, but it helps me stay organized, and also keeps all my shoes from getting lost.

Is your bag as packed as mine? What do you carry with you to class?


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