Sunday, November 9, 2014

Full Speed Ahead

Rehearsals for our winter show are in full swing right now, which means all of us are starting to get a little exhausted and stressed. We're all doing our best to stay healthy, but it doesn't help that dance studios are giant incubators for germs. I caught a cold last week despite my best hand sanitizing/washing efforts. Boo.

I'm in the same role as last year, a dancer in the corps (which performs all the big group dance numbers). I've managed to remember some of the choreography (yay!), though several dances are changing slightly, plus they're adding one!  We're in seven (!) numbers, and it can be pretty exhausting. I feel like a corps part is actually better than a lead part (of which there are very few in our production) because you're basically in the ENTIRE show. Plus, lots of dancing, which is what I adore anyway.

I think I own more dance shoes than regular shoes.

In the land of silks, things are progressing a little more slowly, but I've finally seen some progress! I was able to pull myself upside down (though I have yet to master the straddle overs), and I completed the first part of a climb and actually just stood and hung out there. They technically have a little recital at the end of the intensive, but I can't imagine I'll be anywhere near ready for that (though the teacher told me I could "do some high kicks, because I know you can." Heh!)

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