Saturday, August 23, 2014

Life Isn't Fair (if you're a teen)

As I've mentioned before, my current ballet studio has a set dress code for its students. Each level has a specific style/color of leotard that they're required to wear for class, and there is a no skirts, shorts, or pants rule (though they're okay for jazz).  There are only two exceptions:
  • Adult students (18+) can wear whatever they want (and men/boys obviously have different rules).
  • It's that time-o-the-month.
I attend class with the intermediate/advanced teenagers (aka: Grade V, even though we don't follow a syllabus), and that class also has a set leotard (a black Capeizo BraTek).  However, because I'm over 18, I can (and do) wear crazy leotards, shorts, skirts, and leggings.

My bin of (crazy) leotards.

The girls are mostly in the 12-16 age range, so they're at that point where they're getting uncomfortable with their changing bodies and want to hide them. This results in semi-sneaky attempts to wear shorts in ballet. Each time the wardrobe mistress notices, she makes the girls remove them while the girls grumble and groan, but overall its usually a fairly peaceful battle.

This week it got a little heated. Apparently, there had been a lecture regarding shorts and the dress code on Tuesday (I wasn't there, but the AD mentioned it later). Despite said lecture, some of the teens were wearing shorts again on Wednesday. Wardrobe!Mistress noticed, and told the girls to remove them. They didn't, and were still wearing them when we were setting the barres up for class.  As you can imagine, the wardrobe mistress got annoyed

"Take them off NOW," she said, glaring at the ladies in question.

"But Glorie doesn't have to!" was the argumentative response.

Um. Awkward.  Of course, this was a day when I was wearing the most random outfit ever--my Laico leo with a black sports bra (complete with showing straps!), pink tights, and knee length black leggings. Not to mention one leg warmer around the ankle of my healing foot. If there was ever a human that did not fit the dress code that day, it was me. Wardrobe!Mistress reminded them that I was an adult. Arguments continued. Finally the shorts came off and class went on as normal.

After technique class, the teens stayed to do some partnering, but I skipped out because of my foot. I ended up talking to both the AD and the wardrobe mistress about my attire. I suggested that I could at least wear black leotards so that I looked like a part of the class, and maybe a simple black skirt (to still have "adult" status). I was slightly surprised and delighted when they both said, "NO. You're an adult. You've earned it. You can wear whatever the hell you want." Well, yay!  Not that I'll ever wear shorts again, because I have discovered they are completely unflattering on me.

Also good because I totally just ordered two new custom leotards from an Etsy shop (I'll be sure to review when they arrive, but it will be at least a month), and neither is black. Oops.

*UGH BRAS. I'll get into that in another post.

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  1. I totally hear you. I wish the girls didn't feel so self conscious, but they do and I understand. I really wish though they'd NOT wear bras. It's SO uncomfortable to do cambres and the like in a BRA. I'm so comfortable outside a bra now I really don't choose to wear them unless I HAVE to. Even though it may just be a sports bra. It has to be a super public event like a wedding to get me in one now- yeesh.