Saturday, July 5, 2014

Packing (exciting title, I know)

I leave tomorrow for my vacation/summer intensive adventure, and am being a total slacker with regards to my packing:

 This is an enormous mess.

I never did a summer intensive when I was young.  I took time off from dance during the summer, usually because my family would have some sort of vacation planned. I had no plans to be a professional dancer, so it wasn't a "necessity." Ballet was something I loved, but I was too shy and non-competitive to really want to be a pro.

Subsequently, I will now be attending my first SI at the ripe old age of 32.  Better late than never, right?

First problem: I have no idea what to pack.  Or really, how MUCH to pack.   I'm staying with a friend, so I'll have access to laundry and a kitchen, but...should I pack all my leotards, just in case?  How many pairs of tights? My regular foam roller, or rumble roller? (or both?) Should I bring my dance bag as my carry on, or pack it into my suitcase?

My cat thinks I should leave all these fun things home so he can play with them.


In any event, I hope to update during the week and describe how it goes! There aren't a ton of summer dance things available to adults out there--I only know of Sun King, Boston Ballet, and Sydney Ballet.  I think it will be fun to experience and describe the process.  I'm not even sure if other adults will be attending the one I'm going to (its a smaller one with my old ballet school, so it could go either way!)  Stay tuned!  Hopefully I won't be completely dead by next Saturday (when it ends).

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